Greek Orthodox Christians draw a Cross at the main entrace door-frame, as well as their own door-frame once they move into a new flat, always by using a candle and its grayscale smoke-fumes. It's part of the greek urban landscape and it is merged in almost all domestic architectural constructions.

Working on my "GAGOI POLYGLOT" Project with that smoke-painting technique I found a common ground with Graffiti air-boosting spraypaint use, which is my main painting practice since 2002: its ephemeral nature, the fact that I don't touch the surface during the action, and the fact that both techniques contain an absurd positioning, which attracted me the most. Painting with the wood placed horizontally above me, it works like J. Pollock's dripping technique, but instead of controlling fluid dynamics and gravity as painting "assistants",
I use and control the hot air rising phenomenon and fume dynamics.
"GAGOI POLYGLOT" project is my verbal try to describe visually, what abstract painting is.

Showcased at:
Grace, Athens, Greece, December 2018
“Streaming Realities Steaming”
group show

Smoke traces on prepared woodblocks
300 x 230 cm

Ivan Cheng performing a monologue
in front of my work “GAGOI POLYGLOT Smoking”

Part of the Streaming Realities Steaming exhibition