In 2016 I started a series of prints showcasing types of backpipes. In Balkan slavic countries they call it ‘Gajda’, in Greece ‘Gaida’, ‘Askomadura’ and ‘Tsambuna’, in Italy ‘Zambognia’, in arabic-speaking countries ‘Mizwad’, in Germany ‘Doodlesack’, ‘Biniou’ is it’s name in northwestern France, and so on, all around the world, having though small adaptations in the local environment. You can find it everywhere. It’s originally a sheperd’s instrument, made with materials found in their environment.
They mainly use goat skin, horns and wood.
Apart from it’s incredible and unique sound and the long historical existence as a musical instrument, I was attracted by its appearance and the combination of the matterials they use to join the different parts with each other in a primitive way which is still so effective and special. While engraving my woods, I set tunes and songs played with Gaida for a background music, which drives me creatively in an extatic mood and express on the wood.

The visual and musical study of balkan bagpipes is still ongoing, and in 2019 I decided to blend the project ‘’Gajida’’ with the project “Aéras”.

Printed on recycled refined paper 160gsm
Oil-based high quality offset ink
Athens 2016

Shortlisted/Showcased at:
1) HIT Artistic Relief Printing Exhibition (2019) - Haugesund Museum of Fine Art,
Haugesund, Norway

2) Autopsie Polyglot (2018) - Au Topsi Pohl,
Berlin, Germany