One of our last days in Zagreb, after the opening of our exhibition in Siva Gallery, we decided to visit the part of Zagreb that we still had not seen. The northern province, where the altitude changes, the residential web gradually disappears and it is followed by a winter mountainous forest landscape. It was early February, we could discern the whole palette of brown colour and a few grayscale tons of greyish green. Some of the slopes opposite us seemed that recently had suffered due to wild fires. The bright blue sky worked perfectly to form the shapes of the mountain peaks. We walked for several hours following up the fire-fighting zones that were blazed, and sometimes out of them. Occasionally there were human interventions, and we did not miss the chance to write our names or whatsoever. So there, on these mountains, where someone can determine its natural size to non-human achievements. we had with us a wooden flute. On the way back, we took a short break behind a small old warehouse, and next to a small river we played some tunes and we had to eat some snacks since noon. Then we kept on walking till the Tram end station.

We present a raw audio excerpt from this nice moment.

Improvisation on traditional tunes on flute.
Raw cut by the running water, Zagorska, Zagreb, Croatia January 2018

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