University of Derby - BA(Hons) in Graphic Design (2008-2011)
Athens School of Fine Arts (2014-) (Painting-Printmaking)
KH-Berlin (2017) (Visual Communication-Printmaking)

Ici Na Izlet - Galerija Siva, Zagreb, Croatia (2018)
Autopsie Polyglot - Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, Germany (2019)
GAGOI POLYGLOT On Paper - Butikken Art, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019)
Book Launch: "Ghost-Print Shadow-Book“
at ETCH INK Art Space, Athens, Greece, (2020)

Athens Zine Fest (2014)
Athens Zine Fest (2016)
Athens Zine Fest (2017)
Riga Zine Fest (2018)
Copenhagen Zine Fest (2018)
Berlin Zine Fest (2018)
Feet First Art-Book Fair - Brussels, Belgium (2019)
Missread Art-Book Fair - HKW, Berlin, Germany (2019)
On Walls Exhibition(2016) - Grace Athens, Greece
KHB Weissensee Rundgang 2017, Berlin, Germany
SteamingRealitiesStreaming 2018 - Grace, Athens, Greece
XiloPrint 2019 Brazil - Museu Casa da Xilogravura - Campos do Jordao, Brazil
HIT Artistic Relief Printing Exhibition (2019) - Haugesund Museum of Fine Art - Haugesund, Norway
Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Japan (2019) - Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo, Japan
Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Japan (2019) - Washi-no-Sato, Japan
Stille Post Exhibition - Ausland, Berlin, Germany (2020)
(shortlisted) Internationaler Lucas-Cranach Preis 2019-2020 - Kronach, Germany

+ Participation with documentated artworks in independent print publications: Buffantgarde (2018), KonsensBerlin2018, Konsens Berlin2019, Cargocolor04 (2017), BeuysOnSale mini-series - Kiefer On Dirtbike(2018), GuideZine04 (2019)

Worked as Print and Art Director in publications such as: RINN ZINE (2017), SKOUPATEFRA(2017), Akathisia(2018), GAGOI POLYGLOT(2018),
Airlines On Paper(2019)

Contact Infos
Instagram: @tefra90, @editionsfloodplain

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Running/Upcoming Events:


Invalid House
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Romania

at Palatul Culturii,
Iași, Romania

(soon to be announced)

Beastiarium 2021 (Group Exhibition)

at ETCH INK Art Space, Argyroupoleos 16, Lycabettus, ATHENS